Mr. Phreeze | n/a

Born DeLaron A. Richardson, in Omaha, NE, Mr. Phreeze was born into a musical family. With his Grandmother on piano to his dad on the saxophone, he was deeply rooted in music before he was born. His talents began to grow around age ten, when family members started doing basement and splash parties around town. He would sneak in as a youngster and learn what it was like to move a crowd by playing music. He got hooked, at a young age, on manipulating people by using music to make them feel good about life. As he got older, he managed to turn that love of music into a way of putting money into his pockets. Although starting off with record players, Mr. Phreeze was one of the first to go digital. He started off with regular home cd players and is currently working with the Pioneer CDJ 1000’s, which are the best in the industry. He is the reason why other DJ’s have chose to go to CD dj’ing. He has DJ’d for mostly all the top R&B and Hip-Hop artists in the industry today. Currently, he can be seen throughout the Midwest at various venues and heard on the radio ripping up the airwaves. He continues to make history by being the first to DJ live on Hot 107’s: Friday Night Jumpoff, Uptown Saturday Night, the Memorial Day 48 hour Mix-show, and a number of other shows and events. He is starting to have an impact on the way people view going to clubs around the Midwest and will soon branch out to other areas. Mr. Phreeze has exceeded the expectations of his peers, critics, and most importantly his self. His love for music is the reason why he would love to make his mark on the Hip-Hop world in a positive fashion. He credits DJ’s such as: Kid Capri, Jazzy Jeff, Jam Master Jay, Funkmaster Flex, Big Tigger, Scratch, Q-Bert, Revolution, and a whole list of others, for making him into the musical monster that he is. He is a top notch DJ, who has been blessed by God, with class and an intensity that will not stop for years to come.